Danny Bowling


R.E. Shilow Realty


Danny Bowling is on of the Top Residential Realtors in Maryland! Specializing in not only the standard home sale or purchase, but a true specialist in short sales and deals that the average real estate agent can't get done. Danny has been apart of the highest ranked real estate teams in the nation before becoming an agent with the fastest growing real estate firm in Maryland, R.E. Shilow Realty because of their deep roots in hiring only the top agents with true real estate knowledge and education.

Before becoming a real estate agent Danny was a territory manager for one of the largest heavy equipment companies in America and every year was among the top managers in the nation. His interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and management skills are what made him a sought after addition to the sales management team at R.E. Shilow.

You are truly lucky to have Danny as the leader of your transaction when he is your real estate agent. If you are a buyer he is going to get you the most for your money and if you are a seller you are going to sell your property for the highest in the market. And when it comes to a short sale or saving you from a foreclosure he has a staggering 100% success rate. 

Your family deserves the absolute best in the industry, and you deserve the choice to use a Brokerage that has repeatedly delivered results! I want to make your dreams come true you owe it to yourself to contact my team for you real estate consultation.

As a family man with a wife and (3) handsome boys. Danny Bowling & R.E. Shilow deliver Results for all of our clients!   

Our team wants to earn the right to be your Real Estate Agent for a lifetime, not to just get a commission! And Danny will ensure you get the best in the business!