Montrell Jubilee


R.E. Shilow Realty Investors, Inc.

6700 Alexander Bell Drive Columbia, MD 21046

Montrell Jubilee came from true American humble beginnings. He grew up in the rural and characteristic small towns on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland. Growing up on the eastern shore is where Montrell learned the major attributes of family, respect, and hard work is what will make a person successful!

He left the quaint, hardworking atmosphere of the eastern shore to attend college at Towson University. There he majored and graduated with honors in the daunting, but the highly skilled field of Computer Science.

Now he has become a true Baltimore Washington area native. Montrell has created a great and highly influential network of connections that has introduced him to the high tech computer industry and the world of high-level real estate investment and finance in which he has excelled and surpassed many in his career

During his free time, Montrell enjoys making his way back to the eastern shore to relax with family, playing 2k, and competitive basketball and soccer.